Pornographics: Vintage Skin Flick Titles

Courtesy of Cookie, here’s a warm and charming collection of… vintage porno title graphics, put together by the appropriately-names Spanish design agency Pornographics. Enjoy!

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The Science of Primate Sexuality

Here at Bookkake, we’re always fascinated by the strange truths about our own sexualities that science unearths in the Animal kingdom. Chimpanzee fetishes, Rhesus Macaque porn consumers, and Penguin sex workers can all serve to widen the debate on human sexual practices.

We are indebted to Professor Robert Sapolsky of Stanford University, whose recent lectures on the Neurobiology of Primate Sexuality are informative, educational and highly amusing. Enjoy.

Part Two is here.

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Jake Arnott and The Devil’s Paintbrush

Jake Arnott is one of our favourite authors. If you haven’t read his Long Firm trilogy, or the Angry Brigade/glam rock saga Johnny Come Home, check them out.

His next novel, The Devil’s Paintbrush, is due later this year, and it revolves around another Bookkake favourite: Aleister Crowley, the Great Beast. Here’s Arnott discussing Crowley and his 1903 meeting with another scandalous figure of the time, the alleged pederast Major-General Sir Hector MacDonald. Sounds good to us.

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I completely missed the film Chemical Wedding when it came out earlier this year, which is a shame, because it’s about one of my all-time heroes (and I use that work in the loosest, most advisable manner), Aleister Crowley, it’s written by the mighty Bruce Dickinson, and it stars Simon Callow. I can’t imagine three people I’d more like to have to dinner. Anyone see it? Was it any good?

The Bookkake connection is that, in the initial planning stages, I approached the Ordo Templi Orientis with a request to republish some of Crowley’s early poetry, notably the volumes White Stains and Snowdrops from a Curates Garden, which I’ve read in the University of London library and are really rather excellent. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the blessing of the OTO, who retain (after a series of legal battles) full rights to Crowley’s work, and that particular adventure is currently on hold.

Anyway, here’s a great interview from Julian Doyle, director of Chemical Wedding, as well as the editor of Terry Gilliam’s Brazil and Time Bandits, with John Doyle, son of Gerald Yorke, a friend and disciple of Crowley who amassed quite a collection of Crowley relics after the magician’s death in 1947. It’ll have to do for now.

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Stewart Home’s Prank Call to a Hooker

With bad telephone practice currently all over the news, friend of Bookkake Stewart Home has recently been up to far more entertaining things.

Stewart, of course, is the author of the introduction to the Bookkake edition-that-never-was, Alex Trocchi’s White Thighs, as well as many other works. He’s also got a great Youtube channel, including the above, alongside the promo for his classic Red London, the London Art Tripping series of interviews with artists including Jeremy Deller, Francis Morland and Bill Hopkins, and much more.

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