Book Club Boutique: The London Short Story

A wonderful night was had by all at Monday’s Book Club Boutique – the 10th – in Soho. Salena Godden, first lady of all that is cool and literary, put together an excellent evening focussing on the London Short Story.

First up was Will Ashon, author of Clear Water and Heritage, who read ‘Taking The Biscuit’, a strange office fantasy about a cruel yet accurate Hob-Nob. Yes. He was followed by Matthew de Abaitua, author of the excellent The Red Men, a novel you must read if you haven’t. Matthew’s unduly curtailed story took up the tale of North London’s Dinner Party Wars, a Ballardian exercise in gourmets and blunderbusses. We hope that the full version sees the light of day somewhere, some time, soon. Lana Citron rounded off the first half with a dirty poem and some musings from her first novel Sucker.

After the break it was the turn of Salena herself, as well as the night’s compére Tony White, reading from his steampunk short Albertopolis Disparu. Albertopolis was of course what I meant to write about when I wrote about Babbage last week, and you should track down a copy (or download it here [PDF]). Tony’s the author of old Bookkake favourite Foxy-T, as well as the even older favourites Satan! Satan! Satan!, Road Rage! and Charlie Uncle Norfolk Tangoand he edited Serpent’s Tail’s classic Britpulp! anthology, which pretty much got us into all this in the first place. It was that kind of night.

Finishing up was Mark Waugh, reading from Bubble Entendre, his new work for Stewart Home’s Book Works imprint Semina, and you can read the two of them in conversation here for an insight into what the hell is going on. We’re huge fans of Stewart’s ongoing Semina project – Bridget Penney’s Index was one of the highlights of last year – and we look forward to more to come.

Of course, none of that covers the beer drunk, but hey, we’ll just have to head back for future weekly installments, including but not limited to a Waugh vs. Fitzgerald Pink Gin Party, a beer bash for Bukowski, and The Queer Book Club Boutique for Gay Pride. See you there. (Take it away, Salena: …)

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Stewart Home’s Prank Call to a Hooker

With bad telephone practice currently all over the news, friend of Bookkake Stewart Home has recently been up to far more entertaining things.

Stewart, of course, is the author of the introduction to the Bookkake edition-that-never-was, Alex Trocchi’s White Thighs, as well as many other works. He’s also got a great Youtube channel, including the above, alongside the promo for his classic Red London, the London Art Tripping series of interviews with artists including Jeremy Deller, Francis Morland and Bill Hopkins, and much more.

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Stewart Home’s introduction to White Thighs

When we were selecting the books for Bookkake’s opening collection, one of the authors we wanted to include was Alexander Trocchi, the Scottish editor of Merlin and author of Young Adam and Cain’s Book, as well as, pseudonymously, several volumes from Maurice Girodias’ Olympia Press.

We were under the impression that the rights to several of these works were available, and we asked Stewart Home to write an introduction to White Thighs, one of the Olympia novels originally published under the name ‘Frances Lengel’. Stewart was kind enough to do so, but we later discovered, despite the wealth of ebook editions floating around, the rights were spoken for. So, as some small consolation, we’re pleased to present that introduction here. Enjoy.

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