Spanking is the New Black

One for Private Eye here:

Over at Xcite, trends seem to be less otherworldly but equally painful. “Without a doubt, in our mainstream range, spanking is by far the most popular subject,” Cushion says. “People are very into spanking—it’s the new black.”

Not untrue, if not that new: spanking is consistently the most popular subgenre in UK erotica—as witnessed by the nearly 8,000 books on the subject at

The quote comes from The Bookseller, where Bookkake is one of the publishers featured in an article on the state of British erotica following the recent closure of Black Lace, formerly “the leading imprint of erotic fiction for women”.

Readers might remember our previous correspondence with the good ladies at Erotica Cover Watch on the subject of the gender divide in erotica publisher. As you’ll see from the article, our position hasn’t changed since then:

“From the orders I can track,” ­Bridle says, “I know there’s plenty of interest from both sexes. I’m aware of the shibboleths of the industry—not least the fascinating fact that books marketed at men through the use of heavily sexualised images of women are more frequently bought by straight women for their straight content. But I think that the mark of great erotic literature over its more corporeal incarnations is that its appeal is to all-comers.”

Image sourced from the cover of Nexus’ Over the Knee by Fiona Locke at

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Bookkake on the BBC

Bokkake’s publisher, James Bridle (me), was on BBC Radio’s Pods and Blogs last week, for a books special. We talked about publishing, ebooks and the future, alongside a number of other interesting parties including The Mousehunter Alex Milway, Joshua Rothass of 140Story and Stephen Ely, editor of The Escape Pod. The best bit, for me, was hearing Jamillah say “bookkake” on national radio, but I’m easily pleased.

If you’re interested in the business of books, and their future, it’s definitely worth a listen. You can download it here, or listen, right here:

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