Fanny, or, More problems with the naughty filter

After our recent troubles with Facebook, our attempt to sign up with Google Books faces this unexpected hurdle:

In a previous editing life, I was once involved in a very, very long discussion with an American author about whether ‘fanny’ was appropriate in the UK edition of his work. In that case, it specifically referred to an older man touching the ‘fanny’ of a young girl. While fully aware of the term’s meaning in the US, we felt it might be rather more ambiguous to UK readers, and might be substituted without changing the meaning or the effect of the text. The author eventually overruled us.

In this case, it seems particularly egregious. What is Google hoping to avoid? Who put ‘fanny’ on the naughty list? And will they accept a tinyurl instead?

(To the last question, at least: Yes.)

Posted October 30, 2008 | Comments (1).

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