Hazlitt on Radio 3

William Hazlitt, author of Bookkake’s Liber Amoris, is the subject of this week’s series of evening essays on BBC Radio 3. The philosopher and historian Jonathan Rée is arguing that William Hazlitt was a committed philosopher as well as a great essayist, and on the strength of the first episode, it’s convincing and highly enjoyable stuff.

You can listen to the programmes for up to a week, as they appear, on the BBC programmes site. You can also read Zeeba Sadiq’s introduction to the Bookkake edition of Liber Amoris, read a free ebook, or purchase the book itself.

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Bookkake on the BBC

Bokkake’s publisher, James Bridle (me), was on BBC Radio’s Pods and Blogs last week, for a books special. We talked about publishing, ebooks and the future, alongside a number of other interesting parties including The Mousehunter Alex Milway, Joshua Rothass of 140Story and Stephen Ely, editor of The Escape Pod. The best bit, for me, was hearing Jamillah say “bookkake” on national radio, but I’m easily pleased.

If you’re interested in the business of books, and their future, it’s definitely worth a listen. You can download it here, or listen, right here:

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