A Sarsen Amongst Dirt: Experimental Type & Design

I just had to post this excellent little presentation from Alan Trotter, copywriter at Penguin. As you know, we love excellent book design, and we’re particularly interested in experimental book design. Tom Phillips’ A Humument, featured in the following, is one of our all-time favourite books – do check it out.

A couple of other examples of this kind of thing we like, are the bookish experimentations of B.S. Johnson, whose second novel Alberto Angelo contains both stream-of-conciousness marginalia, and cut-through pages enabling the reader to see ahead – possibly the most radical act I know in experimental books.

Johnson also had his novel The Unfortunates published, bound only as chapters, in a box: only the first and final chapters are specified, the rest are to be shuffled by the reader. This week we came across a new and similar experiment; Ben Greenman’s Correspondences, a collection of epistolary short fictions published, yes, in a rather lovely box:

There’s a very complimentary review over at TO Chicago, elaborating on the way this strange format, including letterpress and accordian-folded pages, supports rather than distracts from the work.

Anyone else got any favourite examples? Keep sending us your book design tips as well, as we’ll be doing regular round-ups.

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