Kafka Las Vegas

Hat tip to Mike for pointing out these awesome and slightly disturbing ads for for Filigranes, a Belgian booksellers (more after the jump).

The series reimagines Kafka’s Metamorphosis as a series of movies in different genres – Kafka in Vegas, in black and white, in Manga, in Bollywood. They’re fantastic images, but they also highlight how little good advertising is done of books.

In the UK, book advertising is considered by publishers to be a bit dirty, and mostly amounts to a packshot on a tube poster. Maybe they’ll do something nice with the cover. If you’re lucky. There’s rarely any attempt to engage with and explore the theme and story as there is in much other advertising. There should be more like this.

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Facebook Ad: Banned

Whatever your opinion of the big FB, I think we can agree on two things: there are a lot of people there, and they deserve dirty books. I’ve heard that Facebook ads can be highly effective if targeted correctly, so I decided to fly a small kite and see what happened. (That’s ‘fly a kite’ as in run a small, limited trial of the system, not try to pass off a bent cheque in a Turkish spieler on the Old Kent Road. Alright, ice cream?)

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