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Extract from Memoirs of a Young Rakehell by Guillaume Apollinaire

THE CHÂTEAU WAS STILL ASLEEP when I came back downstairs and climbed into bed. My mother woke me up when she brought my breakfast. She informed me that I’d have to go to the station the next day to meet my father, who was arriving with my eldest sister, Elise.

My mother was in an excellent mood, but not so Berthe, who was upset by the arrival of her extremely pretty sister. She told me that Elise was having a flirtation with the son of one of our father’s business associates, and that the young man would probably marry her when he had finished his military service.

She told me besides that there were many things that she had not understood before which were now clear as crystal to her. Kate and Elise must certainly have wrestled for a long time together and they had once again remained alone for an hour in the bathroom.

The next day I was happy to note that my mother was taking a bath in anticipation of her husband’s visit.

At the station I was astonished to discover upon the arrival of the train that my sister had blossomed into a charming young woman. Her pretty little feet were encased in a pair of elegant shoes, and she fluttered about with such grace that I found myself growing jealous of her Frederick. I had decided that every female in the immediate vicinity should become a member of my harem, and the sight of my sister only confirmed that idea in my mind.

My jealousy increased when I perceived that my father had brought a friend with him, Mr. Franck, an elderly bachelor who entertained hopes concerning my aunt. The introductions were cordial. My sister was as surprised by my development as I was by hers, and our embrace was more than fraternal.

We had not counted on Mr. Franck, and since the carriage was large enough for only two people, I suggested that Papa and Mr. Franck use it, while Elise and I went home on foot. My sister concurred. The way home was very pretty.

The conversation soon became interesting. My sister was extremely flattered by the compliments I paid to her beauty.

When she inquired about Berthe, I replied that she had her periods and was nubile. She looked at me with amazement.

“She stays locked in the bathroom as long as you used to,” I added. Then, watching her closely, I continued: “They sleep together in the same room, if you know what I mean.”

My sister blushed deeply but said nothing.

“There is no reason to be embarrassed, Elise,” I said amicably, “I’m no longer a little boy. Besides you must have noticed when we were little and they bathed us together that my prick’s no worse than your Frederick’s.”

“Why, Roger!”

“We’ve got hair between our legs now and we know that there’s something better than playing stickfinger.”

She was as red as a beet, her bosom was heaving, but she was at a loss for words. Suddenly she shot a glance round about to make sure no one was watching us, and asked:

“Is it true, Roger, that before becoming soldiers young men have to strip and let themselves be examined naked? I heard auntie and Mama saying something of the sort and at the boarding house they were also discussing it.”

“Frederick, my future brother-in-law, could have enlightened you on that matter. Certainly they have to. They examine them like a bride on her wedding night. But they don’t get erections because they’re scared. No doubt Frederick didn’t get a hard on either.”

“Not really! But how ashamed they must be. … Is it public? Can women see that?”

“Unfortunately not,” I said seriously. “But I’d have no qualms in front of you, Elise.”

I embraced her in a friendly manner. We were in a little copse near the château.

“Do you imagine,” I added, “that there’s a bride anywhere in the world who doesn’t have to strip on her wedding night and be duly inspected by her husband? He strips too, you know.”

“But it’s not the same thing for a man.”

“Why not? If I stripped in front of you, you could see everything I’ve got: my hair, my pendulum, my balls; but if you undressed I could only see your hair. Your cunt would remain hidden. Do you have much hair, Elise?”

“Oh, look at the lovely strawberries, Roger!” she said.

I helped her pick some. We went deeper into the woods. Erect as a boar, I hugged her.

“What’s that over there?” she asked.

“A hunting lodge that belongs to us. I’ve got the key.”

The building was set in a thicket of trees.

“Wait for me, Roger, I’ll be back in a second. Watch that nobody comes.”

She went behind the lodge. I heard her pissing. I watched her. She was squatting, bent slightly forward with her legs apart and holding her skirt high enough so that I could see her pretty calves.

Beneath the knees the lace of her panties was dangling. A stream was spurting between her legs. When it stopped flowing, I withdrew, but she remained in a squatting position. She hoisted her skirts above her loins, and slipped her panties down. The buttocks-hole was in full view as well as her firm, spotless cheeks. Her efforts gave birth to a thin sausage which slipped from her arse-hole, dangled an instant, and then wriggled to the ground. A bit of juice followed, then she pissed a trifle more.

This time I clearly saw the stream spurt from between the thick, chestnut-colored hairs. When she had finished, she hunted about for some paper and when I saw that she had found none, I appeared and gave her some.

“Here, Elise.”

For a moment I thought she was going to be angry.

“Don’t be that way,” I told her, “I have to go too.”

I pulled out my dick and, although it was still erect, began to piss. Recalling the hired man, I aimed so high that my sister couldn’t help laughing. She’d finished with the paper. We heard voices and Elise became frightened. I pushed her into the hunting lodge and pulled the door shut behind us. We watched through a crack. A peasant and a maid, with a roguish air about them, approached. He threw her onto the ground and climbed on top of her, took out his John Thomas, raised her skirts and they went at it hammer and tongs, groaning like a couple of wild animals.

I had encircled Elise’s waist and pulled her close to me. Her scented breath warmed my cheeks. Her bosom was heaving deeply as silently we watched the sport. I pulled out my prick and placed it in her warm hand whose touch was soft as silk. The couple moved off. I couldn’t resist and seized Elise. In spite of her resistance, I deftly slipped off her panties and jacket. My hand played with her hair. The thighs were locked, but I could feel that her clitoris was hard.

“No, Roger, you’re carrying this too far! Aren’t you ashamed! I’ll scream!”

“If you scream they’ll hear you in the château. No one’ll know. Adam and Eve did the same thing.”

“But we aren’t Adam and Eve, Roger.”

“Elise, what if we were on a desert island… !”

I managed to get my finger in.

“If my Frederick only knew what was happening!”

“He won’t know. Come on, sweetheart.”

I sat down on a chair and drew my sister on top of me. When she felt the enormous prick against her love lips she gave up the struggle. She was not a virgin and admitted having done it once with her Frederick.

Her cunt was very narrow, warm, and pleasantly moist.

She responded to my kisses. I opened her blouse and brought forth her lovely breasts which shook as I sucked them. I placed my hands on her lower spheres, those magnificent buttocks. She became hot as a fire-cracker. We reached the climax together. Afterwards, we vowed eternal discretion. We examined each other at our leisure, then set off to the château.

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