Bookkake: A new type of publisher

Bookkake is an exclusively print-on-demand publisher. All our books are printed by Lightning Source when they are ordered.

We started Bookkake because we believe that the current dominant model of large, unwieldy publishing corporations, printing thousands upon thousands of books a week, the vast majority of which are never read, is neither sustainable nor ethical, nor does it benefit readers or authors.

Print on demand enables us to print only those books that have been ordered, and not to pay high costs for warehousing our books. For the same reasons, we do not accept returns, preferring to work with bookshops to ensure that our books sell.

We do not accept that books printed on demand need to be of lower quality than traditionally manufactured books. All of our titles are newly designed and typeset in-house, and include specially commissioned introductions by experts in their fields. We are very proud of all our books.

We believe publishing is at a crossroads, and only the joint efforts of book-lovers and technologists will push it forward. We hope you’ll join us in this adventure.

We’re always keen to hear from other publishers, particularly independents. We have received much help and advice from others, and we are keen to share this experience and knowledge. If you’d like to know more, just ask.

You may also be interested in, a site run by the founders of Bookkake for the investigation and discussion of the future of publishing.

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