Bookkake Ebooks

At Bookkake, we’re very interested in the future of the book (and we write about it a lot, over at

One of the recent developments in this direction is the increasing numbers of electronic editions (or ebooks) available of various works.

We believe that ebooks are a big part of the future of the books, which will allow more people to read more books by more authors than ever before. We think they are A Good Thing, and we’re committed to providing ebooks in as many formats as possible whenever we are able.

Our launch list is available in three ebook formats, which you can find linked from each of the books’ pages.

  • PDF: the simple and most easily read document format, readable on almost all computers. We don’t believe that PDF is a particularly good format for ebook reading, but they are the most widely read, and, created from the same layouts we use for our paper books, they show them off at their best.
  • ePub: the open ebook format proposed by the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF) and rapidly gaining acceptance with ereader manufacturers and the wider ebook community. This page has a good list of the readers currently available for ePub.
  • MIDP: mobile phones are a surprisingly good and easy way to read books (we know, we’ve done it ourselves) and standalone Java applications are one way to get books onto your handset. We use the BooksInMyPhone application, which you can find out more about here.

Due to the multiplicity of formats currently available, and the varying quality of ebooks and ereader applications, we do not feel it is fair to charge for our ebook editions. They are provided free of charge, without warranty or guarantee, and we hope that if you enjoy them you will consider buying our paper books or donating to help with our costs using the donation button on the download pages.

We will continue making ebook editions available, and appreciate all feedback on these editions. Please let us know about any errors, or other formats you’d like to see our books in.

We’re especially grateful to BooksInMyPhone for providing mobile editions of our books. Please visit their site for more mobile editions.

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