Zeeba Sadiq

It’s with great sadness that we record the death of Zeeba Sadiq on Monday the 23rd of August.

Zeeba, who wrote the introduction to Bookkake’s edition of William Hazlitt’s Liber Amoris, was an extraordinary person, writer and friend. She was a staunch supporter of Bookkake from the outset, and it was on her insistence that Hazlitt was included: a wise and delightful choice.

Zeeba’s first novel, 38 Bahadurabad, was published by Faber & Faber in 1996, and detailed her childhood in Karachi with great wit and style. Zeeba had a passion for literature, which was expressed in endless discussions of novels and writers, and constant gifts of books to friends.

In the flyleaf of my copy of AJA Symons’ The Quest for Corvo, which details the extraordinary life of Fr Rolfe and was one of her favourite books, she wrote: “Take a trip with Corvo, and nothing will be the same again”.

No one who met Zeeba could not but apply the same words to her. She will be terribly missed. Her funeral is on Friday and after it we will have an almighty party, because that is the kind of lady she was.

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