The Jet Age Compendium: Eduardo Paolozzi and Ambit Magazine

There’s an excellent exhibition on at the moment at Raven Row, in London’s Spitalfields. It brings together selected works by Eduardo Paolozzi from the 50s through to the 70s.

Those who only know Paolozzi as a sculptor, and through his mosaics on the London Underground or his massive Newton for the British Library forecourt might not know of his strong political and graphic design interests. Alongside acid-coloured prints (some of the first British Pop Art) and the strange toys the artist scavenged from flea markets, the exhibition presents a selection of collaborations between Paolozzi and Ambit magazine in the late 60s and 70s (although the relationship continued into the 90s).

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What the… ? (Filthy Dickens)

We’re indebted to Londonist for this utterly reprehensible collection of out-of-context Charles Dickens quotations. Oh, it’s Friday. Giggle away.

“‘What, old Nobs!’ ejaculated the son. And they shook hands heartily.” Pickwick Papers, Chapter 27

“The jackal then invigorated himself with a bum for his throttle.” A Tale of Two Cities, Chapter 5

“Tom had sat upon the bed, swinging one leg and sucking his walking-stick with sufficient unconcern.” Hard Times, Chapter 6

“Mr. Jasper broke silence by declaring that he placed his whole reliance, humanly speaking, on Mr. Sapsea’s penetration.” The Mystery of Edwin Drood, Chapter 15

“Mr Brass’s ejaculations died away in the distance (for he continued to pour them out, all the way down stairs).” The Old Curiosity Shop, Chapter 48

“When the throbbing I had seen before, came into it as I looked at her, she absolutely lifted up her hand, and struck it.” David Copperfield, Chapter 32

More coming on Twitter, apparently…

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Pornographics: Vintage Skin Flick Titles

Courtesy of Cookie, here’s a warm and charming collection of… vintage porno title graphics, put together by the appropriately-names Spanish design agency Pornographics. Enjoy!

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East London’s Erotic Book Club

Slightly embarassed we didn’t know about this before, but The Bökship, an excellent indie bookstore in East London, which we wrote about back in March, recently started an Erotic Book Club – and the first title selected was Bookkake’s own Venus In Furs.

Meeting once a month, with Pat Califia‘s Macho Sluts as the next book up for discussion, this sounds like too much fun. We shall have to get ourselves down there, and if you’re London-based, why don’t you?

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Spanking is the New Black

One for Private Eye here:

Over at Xcite, trends seem to be less otherworldly but equally painful. “Without a doubt, in our mainstream range, spanking is by far the most popular subject,” Cushion says. “People are very into spanking—it’s the new black.”

Not untrue, if not that new: spanking is consistently the most popular subgenre in UK erotica—as witnessed by the nearly 8,000 books on the subject at

The quote comes from The Bookseller, where Bookkake is one of the publishers featured in an article on the state of British erotica following the recent closure of Black Lace, formerly “the leading imprint of erotic fiction for women”.

Readers might remember our previous correspondence with the good ladies at Erotica Cover Watch on the subject of the gender divide in erotica publisher. As you’ll see from the article, our position hasn’t changed since then:

“From the orders I can track,” ­Bridle says, “I know there’s plenty of interest from both sexes. I’m aware of the shibboleths of the industry—not least the fascinating fact that books marketed at men through the use of heavily sexualised images of women are more frequently bought by straight women for their straight content. But I think that the mark of great erotic literature over its more corporeal incarnations is that its appeal is to all-comers.”

Image sourced from the cover of Nexus’ Over the Knee by Fiona Locke at

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Last night saw the fifth installment of Bad Idea Magazine‘s Butcher’s Shop writers’ workshop, wherein the editors and invited guests have a stab at “live editing” 350-word submissions from the attendees, in the appropriately grisly environs of Bankside’s Old Operating Theatre.

The theme of the event – FUTURE HUMAN – was transhumanism, with submissions invited on the subject of “re-imagining the human body through literature and science, and exploring the utopian possibilities of technological enhancement.” The suitably S.F. guests included BoingBoing’s Cory Doctorow, Gwyneth Jones (author of the Arthur C. Clarke Award winning Bold As Love), Ian Watson (co-author of the screenplay for A.I., and a former Stanley Kubrick collaborator) and Matthew de Abaitua (author of the Clarke-nominated The Red Men).

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Food + Sex: Magic Penis Mushrooms and a Very Bookkake Magazine

Thanks to the new and wonderful Edible Geography blog for pointing us in the direction of Food + Sex magazine, which launches this month in the US, and worldwide via MagCloud:

Collage art food magazine, Food + Sex, is a combined effort of artists, writers, farmers and foodmakers exploring how desire shapes what we grow, make and eat. By weaving erotic, shocking and thoughtful layers of beauty, wildness and the human spirit, we peer into the fire of hope and fear to find the hidden, seek the cosmic and reflect on the elemental connectedness in life that opens us to new ways of being. Included in its pages are a visual patchwork of uncommon art, essays and excerpts by thinkers, makers and doers from the food underground and beyond.

Regular readers will be aware of Bookkake’s own culinary experimentation, from giant eggs to phallic loaves, so we’re intrigued by such explorations as “human-incubated yoghurt”, “from putrefaction to perfection” and “tripping balls on the magic penis”.

The latter appears to be a retread of the territory covered in this Vice article from a couple of years ago, telling the weird and wonderful tale of the Penis Mushroom developed by various shady mushrom growers from spores collected in Amazonia by Terence McKenna, the original psychedelic mycologist. If there’s a more Bookkake-ish drug, we’ve yet to hear about it.

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