Dirty Mondays: “The Breasts of Mnasidice” by Pierre Louÿs

Pierre Louÿs was quite a one, and is an old favourite of Bookkake. He was among a number of writers we seriously considered but ultimately didn’t include in the first Bookkake set. An intimate of Gide and Wilde, his work often entwined classical and lesbian themes, and his Songs of Bilitis went on to inspire the Daughters of Bilitis, the first Lesbian rights organisation in the United States.

Wikipedia has the ultimate, and enviable, epitaph: “Even while on his deathbed, Pierre Louÿs continued to write delicately obscene verses.”

The Breasts of Mnasidice

Carefully she opened her tunic with one
hand and offered me her warm soft breasts as
one offers a pair of living pigeons to the
goddess. ‘Love them well,’ she said to me,
‘I love them so much! They are dears, they are
like little children. I amuse myself with them
when I am alone. I play with them and give
them pleasure. I sprinkle them with milk. I
powder them with flowers. Their little tips
love the fine hair with which I wipe them. I
caress them with a shiver. I lay them to
sleep in wool. Since I shall never have
children and since they are so far from my
mouth, kiss them for me.

Pierre Louÿs (December 10, 1870 – June 6, 1925)

If you’ve got a suggestion for Monday’s dirty poem, don’t hesitate to get in touch…

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