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At Bookkake, we’ve tried to produce our books to the highest standard possible. We’ve commissioned new introductions to each of the books, we’ve freshly typeset them to modern standards, and we’ve tried to present them in the best way possible. However, they’re not perfect.

The main reason for this is that we’ve had to take digital editions of the texts where we can find them, because we can’t afford to have them OCR‘d, double-keyed, and rechecked by professional proof-readers. We’d like to, but we’re actually just one guy, without much of a budget.

However, two of the real benefits of building a publishing company the way we’re doing it is that we have readers we can talk to, and the technology to improve.

So, if you find errors in our books, please let us know over at Get Satisfaction, an open community for customer service and communication. If there are sufficient corrections to warrant a new edition, we’ll update the files at the printer where the changes will take effect immediately – and we’ll send new editions, free, to those who have helped out the most. (We can’t promise everyone free books, but we’ll do what we can.)

So if you have something to tell us about our books – or anything else to say – get involved. We look forward to hearing from you.

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